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? ?There are few coaches in football who can boast a CV quite as broad and diverse as Tony's, having worked across five different formats of the game and developing a multitude of learning experiences and findings from this.  His new paperback coaching resource, written and narrated by Adam Woodage, promises to delve a little deeper into these discoveries and the unrivalled experience of one of goalkeeping's most respected coaches.

"I remember that Tony was my FA Level One Goalkeeping Course Tutor. I volunteered for the first practical session of the day and he instantly tore my ‘set position’ to pieces. It was probably the best thing he could have done. Having ran my own coaching setup for 18 months prior to that first experience on an FA course, I thought I knew quite a bit and would breeze through the course… That first encounter left a very big impression and I’m grateful to Tony for that!"
- Andy Dawson, Owner and Founder of Getkeeping

"I was given a copy of ‘The Anatomy of a Goalkeeper’ on the return flight from an international futsal tournament in Barcelona by Tony.  It has allowed me to understand and use new techniques and skills such as the splits, which I look forward to implementing in my next tournament.  The ‘Science of Goalkeeping’ section has showed me how to look after my body, ensure I am fully prepared for upcoming matches and develop into the best goalkeeper I can be."
- Josh Barnett, Manchester Futsal Club U13 Goalkeeper

"The Anatomy of a Goalkeeper is a fantastic read that gives great insight into the world of goalkeeping and the Goalkeeper Coach, with some contributions from those at the very top of the industry.  Such a wide perspective approach allows the reader to gain an understanding of what goalkeeping - and goalkeeper coaching - is all about, including the fabled 'Goalkeeper Union' and the unique relationships between goalkeepers and their coaches." 
- Matt George, ESFA U18 Goalkeeper Coach

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